Religion as a market, believers as shopping consumers! Peer to peer!


‘Fishing stories’-Painting Leo Wijnhoven Cartoon-Trouw 19 februari 2015
Mohammed and Jesus their own glossy!
But ‘Charity Galas Imans’ nearly a step too far! (Hate does not sell yet in the free market)

Is this, after Crusades and Jihad to the truth of their gods and prophets, for Christians and Muslims the start-up for their innovation / modernization / relativisation of their source and for freedom in the choice of their faith?

Religious believers as consumers of products, perhaps as shareholders with participation on the most cost effective sales pitch?

Mass communication, advertising and the market-based ‘ customer friendly ‘ sales techniques will tolerate misleading information but lies will inexorably be punished!

From Nike to Adidas ‘, from Christian to Muslim and vica versa. ‘Peer to peer’ competitive communication based on equality!

The shopping believer switching to the best and most free.

 ArtCommunicator, Peter Debets

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