Iman Ali Khaled-Freedom to the Modern Perspective!

    Schilderij Iman Ali Khaled            Zelfportret Iman Ali Khaled
Artist Iman Ali Khaled, trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Baghdad, gained after her flight from Iraq, in the Netherlands with her transverse thinking her urge for freedom and modernity.
Her paintings are as mix of arabesque and contemporary Western art movements, powerful reflections ‘ Silent Thunders ‘ between her Iraqi-Kurdish past and dream images of her free Western life in the Netherlands.”The difference between my autonomous work of then and now, is that I now have more research and more experiment in making a colourful and powerful imagery. Subjects as freedom were then in Iraq in contrast to here a taboo and dangerous. That has made me stronger as a person and as an artist in my work “.
” Often I paint with my hands to get all digging in the sand of my past new sculptures on canvas of my free present “
Art-Freedom-Transverse thinkers-Reflection-Confrontation-Dialogue and Change to Modernity.

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