Our art collection management activities comprises:

-Valuations and the processing with matters of heritages

-Authenticity checks.

-Advise tailored individually on all issues relating to your collection including new acquisitions and sales.

Our qualified partner in these services is Désirée Preiss Art Consulting.

Even complex cases are manageable due to our experience and our widely spread network of international art specialists, restorers, insurances and art shippers.



Leo Wijnhoven


Désirée Preiss Art Consulting was established in 2015 based on her background of more than 20 years experience in the art and auction business as an art historian and senior auction specialist.

During her professional career, which started in 1994, she worked on many private collections – at least comprising around 80,000 works of art in total that she estimated, catalogued and successfully sold on behalf of the owners. So her network of European and international contacts in the top segment of Galleries and Artdealers grew constantly and still does.

​Straight after completing her master of arts in art history and archeology at the Universities of Augsburg, Würzburg and Eichstätt she absolved a short internship at the renowned auction house Ketterer in Munich, Germany. Subsequently she worked as head of the modern and contemporary art department at the auction house Ketterer Kunst in Hamburg for more than 10 years and then further 10 years at Hauswedell & Nolte, Hamburg as a senior specialist and press manager, followed up by commissions by the auction houses Karl & Faber and Hampel (both based in Munich), Auctionata (Berlin) and Neumeister (Munich) and now going along with commissions for private collectors, lawyers and public institutions as musea.

Süddeutsche Zeitung: Désirée Preiss discovers Max Ernst.



                                                          Armand 1928-2005

Art collections as communication tool for socially sustainable vision and policy