My Jihad, Never a cartoonist succeeded to get me as Muslim angry


Illustration Ruben L. Oppenheimer Youssef Azghari
Assassins of free speech thrive best under people who are hypersensitive, says Youssef Azghari, author of my Jihad.

The murder of the twelve Frenchmen, among whom the cartoonists of the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that the Prophet Mohammed cast doubt on names regularly, is not only an attack on the freedom of expression but also an attack on all Muslims


Painting Iman Ali Khaled Iman Ali Khaled- Self portrait

These terrorist actions by a trio of criminals hit the soul of our human civilization. 

Therefore deserve these samples the Supreme penalty. The cowardly murderers, who are apparently under a loud call of ‘ God is great ‘ made at random victims, not aware of Islamic values, such as humanity and mercy. Never is it a cartoonist managed to me on the Cabinet to hunt by symbols of islam to portray coarse or tackle. On the contrary, I had to post more often even harder to laugh, especially to what it brought about to fierce reactions among some of my fellow believers.

In 2005, heavy as some Muslims felt offended by the image of a man with a bomb as a turban. Those who are recognized in it even directly felt mortified the face of the Prophet. That all worked on my laugh since they only knew how the Prophet looked like. When they let their anger run free on the streets because of a potty image with a message they showed for the sake of the world how sensitive they were. And what was worse, that they have never learned to deal with freedom of expression. To understand now is that if you live somewhere in the countryside in Afghanistan where most never decent education and permanently at war. Unfortunately, not being able to deal with freedom of expression also in parts of young Muslims living in the West have grown up.

They believe rather in Arabic fairy tales, such as a warm welcome in Paradise if you inflate your self, then face reality. There are too many murders committed in the name of Allah. Now back to avenge the Prophet Mohammed in Paris for all the done to him is that ‘ dishonorable ‘. What an incredible arrogance and lack of sense to speak on behalf of an historical figure and in his faith such macabre deeds. The inspiration is taken from the Koran which totally out of context and is not placed in the correct context. But what no cartoonist ever have gotten these villains so much for each other was successful. Hurt me. I feel offended by these criminals ‘ Allahu akbar ‘ (God is great) abuses. There is no point with this degenerate creatures, which islam Allah call every time, in continuous dialogue and besmirch to go if they shoot people to shreds. We must fight them by all means.

Now has been around for centuries long known that fundamentalists, regardless of their religion or ethnic background, not at all keep of self-mockery. They are terribly fast on their delicate souls kicked out if you put their holiest symbols taking a crap. No sensible person which can contain why cartoonists, whose task is to readers usually conjure a smile on their face and also for thought destroyed put, should be. Monsters are the ones who carry out these acts, completely possessed by Satan, there is nothing divine to!

I had to at the attack on the journalists of Charlie Hebdo immediately think of a radicalized Dutch suicide bomber. These murderers share the same radical ideology. The young Syriëganger, known by his fight name Abu Bakr al-Hollandi, blew himself up at a police station over the past year in Baghdad and caused a huge massacre.

Also his act was prompted by this little Sultan believed he fought for a Holy thing by others to kill. It began on a school trip to the Hague by the end of 2013. The competer felt heavily insulted by a work of art that a naked Prophet Mohammed had to imagine. All cleanliness and he kicked the installation completely to smithereens. As punishment, he was expelled from school over three months. In the seas of time he had to death to get bored and swimming in his role of victim he peered endless to radical websites. On the internet he fell into the arms of the International Rogues (IS). He sought willfully his death when he connected with this unhinged in Raqqa gang.

Now it is known that for fragile people such as he was, according to his father, he could not even hold a Kalashnikov, two options were. The first was toilets cleaning the marauding terrorists, who made dirty hands every day on the battlefield. The second option was shattering himself. For the latter he has chosen. He committed suicide when a mortal sin is in islam.

In retrospect, the school had him perhaps better not to send away but can give an appropriate community service. Then he could learn how to in a civilized world, where everyone may profess his faith can deal with freedom of expression, in whatever form. I am therefore in schools for extra attention for ‘ handling of freedom ‘, especially intended for young people who are at risk by shooting in black and white thinking, so lose their self-respect and radicalize. Or even worse: to silence the other weapons. But once blood on their hands they hear not belong here.

Freedom of speech is a sacred value that we all, believers and non-believers, must defend against the radical evil, but also against anti-islam populists that yarn spinning at such tragedies, and both of us constantly instill fears. That’s the biggest lesson we can draw from the drama in Paris.

Youssef Azghari is author of ‘ My jihad. Why not Western values clash with islam ‘.

A shortened version is today in NRC Handelsblad

ArtCommunicator Peter Debets.