Anti-Semitism is back, and also non-Jews gonna be the target-Orig

Auschwitz  Leo Wijnhoven-Schilderij 
Anti-Semitism is back, and also non-Jewish gonna be the target
Elsevier, Afshin Ellian 28 jan 2015
Who thinks he’s not experiences the resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe, got it wong. Radical Muslims have not only targeted Jews, but also on our freedom and our civilization..

Seventy years after the liberation of Auschwitz life the Jews in Europe in fear. They are again collectively received death threats. Just like islam critics also the Jews now live under the threat of radical islam.

It is no longer incidents. Jews must be killed in Europe and elsewhere, that is the order of the leaders of radical islam. Salafis and interspersed the Arabists Governments long time sand in the eyes.

They told fairy tales about the enormous love of the medieval Muslim rulers for the Jews. There, we had to conclude that the Jews only European neo-Nazis should fear.

Mercenaries the Jews were allowed to live as second-class citizens in the medieval Caliphate. They had to recognizable, were not allowed to carry guns, and the men were not allowed to marry with Muslims.

Nor should the Jews exercise administrative or military tasks. Though she was allowed to take part in a war as mercenaries.

Relatively speaking they had during certain times in the East better than in the West. But that is only one side of the story of the relationship of islam with Jews.

Poisoned at the same time exist in the Islamic history reasons to exterminate Jews. Continuous is in Iran and other Islamic countries narrated that the Prophet Mohammed is poisoned by a Jewish woman, on which he fell ill and went.

That in itself is not strange, because at the very beginning of the story of Mohammed, with his uncle when he was traveling around Mohammed, was warned by the Prophet for Jews: Bahira who would want to do evil.

That is the line that also the Prophet Mohammed itself later would follow: you have the Jews a battle before his. I wrote before how he has killed hundreds of innocent Jews en masse. Since then clearly what a dhimmi is: a causeless (no Islamic basis to possess) and powerless figure.

Eradication but as soon as the Jews over the soil have-what according to the Islamic doctrine to Muslim rulers, and so to the ummah is reserved-and they no longer are powerless, they should be treated differently. Then enter the line of extermination in.

This Islamic anti-Semitism is justified with a reference to the Koran, the hadith and the concrete actions of the Prophet Mohammed.

The mystical basis of anti-Semitism, or hatred of Jews, is striking forward in an important hadith on the last day, or the end of time: By Abdallah ibn Umar, the Prophet said: ‘ you will against the Jews fight until one of them is behind a hidden stone and the stone call: servant of Allah, Here is a Jew behind me; kill him! ‘

Cursed this is no Marxist conspiracy theory about wealthy Jews. Nor is it a Tsarist document. These are references to the apocalyptic end, in which Jews play an important role. They must be killed.

In this spirit, called Abou Moussa in the Hague during a demonstration: ‘ the cursed Jews, death to all Jews! ‘ These words was called in the capital of peace and security. In broad daylight in the summer of 2014, during a demonstration in the Hague with IS flags, 69 years after the liberation of Auschwitz, cried the crowd: ‘ death to the Jews! ‘

It is no longer meaningless incidents. There are already three successful attacks on Jews. The theoretical Islamic anti-Semitism is passed into acts of terrorism. Surprised this us?

No, we saw it for a long time coming.

Capitulated long ago if it was known that teachers in schools with many Muslim children no longer dare to talk about the Holocaust. To make it negotiable, they had to first raise the fate of Palestinian people, and that in line with the persecution of Jews by Nazis.

This falsification of history has produced nothing good. There is capitulated before the real battle began. Later had to even the flowers at the monument to the remembrance day are monitored.

Radical islam is in our cities, and with it the anti-Semitism. This new wave of anti-Semitism in the future will not be limited to Muslims: even non-Muslims will become infected with it.

Civilization Seventy years after the end of the Shoah, the Jewish institutions protected with automatic weapons. Guarded Jewish institutions throughout Europe. Who would ever have imagined?

Now you might think that you as a non-Jew not affected will get the resurgence of anti-Semitism. That is not true. When the militant islam anti-Semitism turnover in violence, are also dissenters, non-Muslims and moderate Muslims in danger.

It is not only the Jews, but to the tolerance and civilization



ArtCommunicator, Peter Debets.