About us-Our vision

Our vision is socially sustainable and our ArtIdea is modern art that communicates socially sustainable !

Silent Thunder     The sky is the limit     Open Minds

       Iman Ali Khaled            Trees de Boer                Leo Wijnhoven                 Dominique Chan 

Social sustainability is rarely defined or even recognized. Sustainability is limited to sustainably management of  our ecological environment such as nature, climate and energy .

The stark contrast between the missing consciousness and the required joint approach to environmental sustainability finds its origin in the global social unsustainability by economic and social cultural dominance.

Uniform measures still far away.

The different approaches from cultural diversity sounds rather loud reproach of ecomic and social mismanagement of the rich West and often degenerated into stagnant thinking and acting or blame of ethical decay and economic , cultural , religious conflicts .

Especially now the western economic-model and the democratic governance also shows elements of destruction.

Within these different approaches ecological sustainability requires a new social sustainable way of dealing with each other, that goes beyond self-interest .

Intolerance, discrimination, oppression, exploitation, exclusion to the right off of self development, profit maximization and mass communication and greed have, as negative elements not feed the transition to a sustainable society, to be replaced by the sense of interconnectedness and joint responsibility for social life and social security.

Social sustainable enterprising, consuming and life focuses on ideals and a continuous process with the aim of strengthening relationships between people, where not the differences but corresponding responsibilities of every individual or group working on a new common identity.

Common interest over self-interest, profit as a means and not an end is a way of thinking that with a lot of openness, interaction, self-organising ability and awareness of own actions on environment, should reflect on education, economic activity and political vision.

Social sustainability is a new way of thinking and approaching yourself and your environment

ArtIdea and ArtPromotion

ArtCommunication strives for promotion and presentation of current, contemporary modern art as socially sustainable communication .

The socially sustainable communication can focus on group topics such as economics, politics , discrimination and cultural intolerance as well as individual topics such as personal development within own relationships, faith and cultural entity .

Critical, reflective and committed are properties that are visible in the form but also in content and concept with the task to confront, surprise and inspire you to the new socially sustainable thinking.

Art and freedom of expression in words, pictures or sound is essential in the awareness process accompanied by confrontation, discussion, interview and new vision of the future in which both individual and collectively face great challenges of transition models of communication, production and consumption.

Current Exhibition 

“InnerReflection and MindRestyling”-Van massacommunicatie naar duurzame communicatie

      “Silent Thunder”          “Het Gesprek”          “Media Reflections”               “Open Minds”

Silent Thunder     The sky is the limit     Open Minds

      Iman Ali Khaled            Trees de Boer                Leo Wijnhoven                 Dominique Chan 


Foundation Art & Communication –Notarial Objective-

1-Promoting sustainable communication and awareness with modern art. Particular social sustainability. With social sustainability the foundation mean that durability,that socially responsible principles and aims of free coexistence of individuals and groups allows above the economic, religious, cultural and nationalistic interests.

Modern art, is in his emotional striving for beauty and aesthetics, in addition to external form and style, with its reflections and confrontation of all what threatens to content that beauty, also the independent and free communication tool, to overcome fear of personal and / or socially necessary change through dialogue and conversation and eventually transform into new insights and socially sustainable perspectives.

2 To provide a growing need for a framework/boundaries in the dialogue between freethinkers and people who are from an economic, philosophical, religious, cultural or nationalistic interests threatened, insulted or not free feel and vice versa.

3 The foundation seeks to achieve its objective through:

– Organizing contemporary art exhibitions in businesses .

– Organizing tours with modern art exhibtions.

– Interpreting and translation activities in favour of cultural-and art communication

– Developping / support or participate in other collaborative projects within and outside    Europe, that communicate social sustainability the extent that align with our vision 

Silent Thunder     The sky is the limit     Open Minds