Thomas Piketty: ‘ Inequality is dangerous ‘

 Leo Wijnhoven-Oilpainting on linen-No title                   Thomas Piketty- ‘Inequality is dangereous’                        

Thomas Piketty ‘Inequality is dangerous’
Rarely got a book as fast as much influence: Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Exclusive interview with Thomas Piketty. Gets the capital (again) the debt? In his book Capital in the twenty-first century about the growing financial inequality, predicts the French economist Thomas Piketty that its consequences are disastrous, especially for poor countries. But in gloom expired does not. “My data is correct that inequality is no natural law of capitalism.”

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IMF: World is still dangerously close to the abyss

 Leo Wijnhoven-Oilpainting-No title                                IMF-Logo Pict

IMF: World is still dangerously close to the abyss
There is only a small shock to the global economy to derail again. While progress has been made in policy makers in recent years done a lot to the world from a depression, but the buffers are not nearly large enough to the future with confidence.

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The world is concerned about Europe

 Leo Wijnhoven-Olieverfschilderij-ZT                                   Foto:Europe-Thinkstock                                                           

‘The World is concerned about Europe’
‘ Say, what are you out there in Europe actually doing? ‘ The Americans have no eye for the beautiful Decatur House in Washington and also the speech of the German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaüble doesn’t interest them. They want to know only one thing: why does the economic weather as horrible in Europe?

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Expo InnerReflection & MindRestyling

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Dominique Chan                      Leo Wijnhoven                     Trees de Boer                     Iman ali Khaled
The four selected artists Iman Ali Khaled, Trees de Boer, Leo Wijnhoven and Dominique Chan try to depict from their own perspective and involvement how with introspection and perseverance the fear of change can be overcome like we all need to create a global sustainable living(producing, communicating and consuming)

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