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  • There should be nothing wrong in waving Palestinian flags at Eurovision | Michael Segalov 19.05.2019
    As an audience member in Tel Aviv I saw the flags of many nations on display, why not those of Israel’s neighbours?There were loud boos in the Tel Aviv Expo Centre on Saturday night, and not just when it was announced that voters in Greece and Cyprus had once again awarded each other the full […]
    Michael Segalov
  • Police condemn speculation about violence at Tommy Robinson rally 19.05.2019
    Supporters and counter-protesters clashed at far-right activist’s event in OldhamPolice have condemned “speculation and ill-informed comments” on social media about violence that erupted during a Tommy Robinson campaign rally in Oldham.Greater Manchester police said bricks and eggs were thrown during clashes between supporters of the anti-Islam activist, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, and counter-protestors […]
    Josh Halliday North of England correspondent
  • BP pushed for Arctic drilling rights after Trump's election 19.05.2019
    Despite PR damage over earlier spills, documents show oil firm pressed for reduced regulationBP stepped up its campaign to be allowed to drill for oil in the Arctic sea and an Alaskan wildlife refuge after Donald Trump was elected president, according to documents that detail the British firm’s lobbying efforts.Documents written by BP and oil […]
    Rob Davies
  • Europe's Greens ready to be kingmakers in EU elections 19.05.2019
    Green candidates, on course for their best showing, could play a big role in a divided parliament Europe’s Greens are on course for their strongest showing to date in next week’s European elections – and could find themselves kingmakers in a newly fragmented EU parliament.“We’ll be at the table,” said Bas Eickhout, an MEP from […]
    Jon Henley Europe correspondent and Philip Oltermann in Berlin
  • Corbyn defends Labour's bid for both leavers and remainers 19.05.2019
    Polls suggest his party could be squeezed into third place in the European electionsJeremy Corbyn has given a robust defence of Labour’s decision to try to appeal to both leavers and remainers in this Thursday’s European elections.With an Observer poll suggesting Labour could be squeezed into third position behind Nigel Farage’s Brexit party and the […]
    Heather Stewart Political editor
  • Is Arya Death? The questions we need answered in Game of Thrones 19.05.2019
    The saga comes to a close in what promises to be an epic finale. But who will kill Daenerys, will Bran warg again – and are the White Walkers gone for good?Warning: this article contains spoilers.Many of the big season eight questions have already been answered, like how the White Walkers are defeated, how Cersei […]
    Abigail Chandler
  • Harry and Meghan release wedding photos to mark anniversary 19.05.2019
    Couple, who had baby Archie this month, post 14 pictures on Instagram a year after marriageThe Duke and Duchess of Sussex have marked their first wedding anniversary by releasing a series of photos.Harry and Meghan shared a compilation of 14 wedding pictures, including some that had previously not been seen, on Instagram. Continue reading...
    Press Association
  • Joe Biden says most important thing is to beat Donald Trump – video 19.05.2019
    Formally launching his third presidential campaign, Joe Biden appealed for party and national unity while accusing Donald Trump of leading the US with ‘a clenched fist, a closed hand and a hard heart’. But, he said, ‘we are the United States of America and there is not a single thing we cannot do if we […]
  • Justin Bieber effect leads to closure of Icelandic canyon 19.05.2019
    Fjadrárgljúfur closed off to protect it from fans after it starred in pop star’s videoWith one music video, Justin Bieber has made a pristine Icelandic canyon famous around the world. And that’s the problem.Icelandic environmental officials have had to close off Fjadrárgljúfur to protect it from the hordes of Bieber fans who are determined to […]
    Associated Press
  • Teacher suspended after her pupils criticise Italian far-right law 19.05.2019
    Schoolchildren’s video presentation compared Salvini decree to 1930s racial lawsAn Italian teacher has been suspended over a video made by her students that compared a security law drafted by Italy’s far-right interior minister, Matteo Salvini, to Mussolini’s racial laws, provoking a storm of protest against her suspension across the country.Rosa Maria Dell’Aria was last week […]
    Lorenzo Tondo in Palermo
  • Switzerland votes in referendum on tighter gun laws 19.05.2019
    Supporters of greater restrictions say Swiss rules need to line up with EU’sSwiss voters are casting ballots in a referendum to decide whether to enact new restrictions on guns and line up with other countries in the European visa-free travel zone who have tightened rules following extremist attacks.The proposal could require regular training in the […]
    Associated Press
  • Indians vote in final stage of gruelling election campaign 19.05.2019
    Constituencies going to polls include Narendra Modi’s, where he won large majority in 2014Indians are voting in the seventh and final phase of national elections, wrapping up a gruelling six-week campaign.Narendra Modi’s Hindu nationalist party is seeking re-election for another five years. The areas voting on Sunday include the prime minister’s constituency of Varanasi, a […]
    Associated Press
  • Anthony Albanese kicks off Labor leadership race with call for policy shift 19.05.2019
    High-profile NSW leftwinger first to announce tilt for top job, admitting party suffered a ‘devastating result’Labor begins election defeat postmortemHow does the Labor leadership ballot work?Australian election 2019 – live resultsAnthony Albanese is making a concerted play for the Labor leadership, declaring the party’s policy direction needs to change but signalling he would promote progressive […]
    Katharine Murphy Political editor
  • Labor begins election defeat postmortem with internal blame game 19.05.2019
    Bill Shorten and key figures in the national secretariat come under criticism as positioning starts for party leadershipAustralian election 2019 – live resultsQueensland drives a stake through Labor’s hopesPlibersek eyes Labor leadership as party reels from defeatThe knives are out internally after Labor’s weekend election defeat, with widespread criticism of the performance of the party’s […]
    Katharine Murphy and Sarah Martin
  • China wants us to forget the horrors of Tiananmen as it rewrites its history | Louisa Lim and Ilaria Maria Sala 19.05.2019
    The state is enforcing a collective amnesia about not only recent political events but those that happened thousands of years agoRemembering the deaths of 4 June 1989 is no neutral task. It is a civic duty, a burden and an act of resistance in countering a state-level lie that risks spreading far beyond China’s borders.On […]
    Louisa Lim and Ilaria Maria Sala
  • Trump backs abortion in cases of rape or incest, contradicting Alabama law 19.05.2019
    President suggests abortion will be election issue, tweeting ‘we must stick together and Win for Life in 2020’Donald Trump, in a series of late night posts on Twitter, has outlined a less restrictive view of abortion than that just passed by Alabama’s Republican state government.Alabama now bans abortion except if there is a “serious health […]
    Pádraig Collins
  • Honduras plane crash: five foreign tourists killed shortly after takeoff 19.05.2019
    Conflicting accounts say victims travelling on private plane off Roatán island were from US or Canada Five foreign tourists died on Saturday after a private plane they were traveling in crashed into the sea shortly after taking off from the island of Roatán, near the Atlantic coast of Honduras, local authorities said. Related: Australian man […]
  • Biden rejects Trump's 'clenched fist' in appeal for Democratic and US unity 18.05.2019
    Former vice-president launches campaign in PennsylvaniaArt Cullen: The Democratic frontrunners are too oldFormally launching his third presidential campaign, Joe Biden appealed for party and national unity while accusing Donald Trump of leading America with “a clenched fist, a closed hand and a hard heart”. Related: Could climate change submerge Joe Biden's presidential bid? Continue reading...
    Martin Pengelly and Edward Helmore in New York
  • Women shouldn't have to tell abortion stories to remind lawmakers they're human 18.05.2019
    #YouKnowMe is both powerful and profoundly depressing – women shouldn’t have to justify wanting bodily autonomySign up for the Week in Patriarchy, a newsletter​ on feminism and sexism sent every Saturday. Continue reading...
    Arwa Mahdawi
  • The 20 photographs of the week 18.05.2019
    Conflict in Syria, shocking pink fashion at Cannes, and a seal pup making a splash – the last seven days, as captured by the world’s best photojournalists Continue reading...
    Greg Whitmore