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  • Repealing medevac would be 'a wicked thing', Centre Alliance says – politics live 24.07.2019
    Rebekha Sharkie says if the government is successful in repealing the legislation it will cause ‘needless harm’ 7.52am BST Once again, it is not as easy as just packing up and moving towns to find a job. Moving costs money. The reason everyone from church leaders to the business council are talking about raising Newstart, […]
    Amy Remeikis
  • UK weather: lightning strikes as hottest day on record looms 24.07.2019
    Met Office issues yellow severe weather warning for most of EnglandLarge swathes of Britain have experienced storms and lightning strikes as the country braces for what could be its hottest day ever later this week.Thunderstorms moved into southern and western areas late on Tuesday evening, with the Met Office issuing a yellow severe weather warning […]
    PA Media
  • Capitalism gone wrong: how big pharma created America's opioid carnage 24.07.2019
    A web of firms ramped up narcotic painkiller sales, creating the biggest drug epidemic in American history as profits surgedAs Oklahoma’s attorney general, Mike Hunter laid out his indictment against one of the biggest corporations in America, he made a point of saying that he was not hostile to big business.“The fact that I am […]
    Chris McGreal
  • Trade and foreign aid: will Boris Johnson bring an end to DfID? 24.07.2019
    Johnson’s wish that aid should serve the UK’s political and commercial interests could mean a merger for the Department of International Development In his victory speech, Boris Johnson spoke of the “jostling sets of instincts in the human heart” – the instinct to earn money and look after your own family, set against that of […]
    Karen McVeigh
  • Three swimmers missing in river Thames 24.07.2019
    Police are searching for three people after earlier finding body of man at a Gloucestershire water parkPolice are searching for three people who have gone missing in the river Thames.The Metropolitan police said a swimmer went missing at Shadwell Basin on Tuesday evening, a second at Waterloo Bridge and a third near Kingston High Street. […]
    Press Association
  • Chinese-Australian history predates the first fleet – and my family helped me find out how | Benjamin Law 24.07.2019
    When you’re the child of migrants, your forebears may as well have come from the moon. So I set out to rediscover mineGrowing up in Queensland as ABCs (Australian-born Chinese), my siblings and I would get our backs up whenever strangers complimented us on our English – which was often. “Why wouldn’t I be fluent?” […]
    Benjamin Law
  • They became millionaires and retired at 31. They think you can do the same 24.07.2019
    The authors Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung are part of a movement called Fire that encourages people to save intensively to retire earlyGrowing up in poverty in rural China, where her family collectively lived on as little as $0.44 a day, Kristy Shen learned to make decisions based on pragmatism rather than passion from a […]
    Miranda Bryant
  • Muslim woman in 'burkini' told to leave pool in New Zealand 24.07.2019
    Auckland council blames confusion about rules on appropriate swimwear for ‘unfortunate’ incident A council in New Zealand has apologised to a Muslim woman who was told to leave a public pool after wearing a “burkini”.Auckland council has since apologised to the woman, who was swimming at the West Wave Pool in Henderson. Continue reading...
    Charles Anderson in Nelson
  • Europe’s patchwork of abortion laws is absurd. Rights must be made universal | Prune Antoine 24.07.2019
    I was stunned to discover that abortions, strictly speaking, are still not legal in GermanyWhen I was 30, in 2011, I had an abortion. I was living in Berlin, a city known, since the fall of the Wall, for championing freedom. Or at least it was until attention turned to my womb. Born in France […]
    Prune Antoine
  • Are motorcycle taxis making the Ebola crisis worse? 24.07.2019
    The Congolese trading city of Butembo relies on its ‘taxi-motos’ to keep business running, but the taxi unions are resistant to helping government Ebola efforts – and their bikes could be spreading the diseaseSwarms of motorcycle taxis overloaded with passengers and goods weave their way through traffic in the eastern Congolese city of Butembo. Motorbikes […]
    Finbarr O’Reilly
  • Boris Johnson can use his affinity with Trump to calm the crisis over Iran | Suzanne Maloney 24.07.2019
    As the standoff in the Gulf continues, the new prime minister must work with the US on a constructive approach to TehranBoris Johnson is taking the helm with an urgent crisis brewing in the Gulf, where Iran’s seizure of a British oil tanker threatens to pull the UK and the international community into the escalating […]
    Suzanne Maloney
  • 'We saved ourselves': Hong Kong train attack victims describe 30-minute ordeal 24.07.2019
    Victims describe ‘smell of blood’ in train carriages as China blames ‘black hands’ of US for unrestVictims of an attack by masked men in a Hong Kong train station on Sunday have accused police of not responding to their calls for help, saying: “We saved ourselves … because nobody else was there.”Their faces obscured by […]
    Lily Kuo in Hong Kong
  • Neil Armstrong's family 'paid $6m by hospital' in wrongful death claim 24.07.2019
    Settlement reportedly reveals hospital’s fears of adverse publicity over family’s allegations of botched surgery A hospital has paid the estate of astronaut Neil Armstrong $6m in a confidential agreement to settle allegations that post-surgical complications led to his death seven years ago, according to court documents.The 2014 settlement went to 10 relatives of the space […]
    Associated Press
  • South Korean petrol stations refuse to fill up Japanese cars amid growing boycott 24.07.2019
    Sales of holidays, beer and even tickets to see Butt Detective the Movie slump amid trade tensionsPetrol stations and garages in South Korea are refusing to fill up or service Japanese cars as part of a growing boycott of Japanese goods sparked by trade and political tensions.Sales of trips to Japan, Japanese beer and even […]
    Gavin Blair in Tokyo
  • Italian PM to address claims League sought money from Russia 24.07.2019
    Allegations far-right party in coalition accepted funding to be discussed in parliamentItaly’s prime minister will address the country’s senate on Wednesday to discuss allegations that the far-right League party sought money from Russia.Giuseppe Conte, a technocrat whose appointment was key to the brokering of a coalition between the League and the populist Five Star Movement […]
    Angela Giuffrida
  • Nissan plans to shed 10,000 jobs worldwide, reports claim 24.07.2019
    Cuts would be twice as many as the carmaker announced in May and will increase fears of UK losses The carmaker Nissan plans to cut more than 10,000 jobs around the world as part of efforts to turn itself around, Japanese media have reported.Nissan announced in May it would cut 4,800 jobs from its global […]
    Guardian staff and agencies
  • Joint Russian and Chinese air patrol heightens tension in Korean peninsula 23.07.2019
    Moscow says it carried out its first long-range operation with Beijing, prompting warning shots from South Korean jets Russia has said it carried out its first long-range joint air patrol with China in the Asia-Pacific region, a mission that triggered hundreds of warning shots from South Korean jets and a strong protest from Japan.The flight […]
  • US justice department targets big tech firms in antitrust review 23.07.2019
    Officials to look into whether Facebook, Google, Amazon and Apple are unlawfully limiting competitionThe US justice department is opening a broad antitrust review into major technology firms, as criticism over the companies’ growing reach and power heats up.The investigation will focus on growing complaints that the companies are unlawfully stifling competition. Continue reading...
    Kari Paul and agencies
  • Donald Trump calls congresswoman Rashida Tlaib a 'crazed lunatic' – video 23.07.2019
    Donald Trump renewed his attack on members of 'the Squad' of Democratic congresswomen of colour on Tuesday, this time targeting representative Rashida Tlaib, calling her 'vicious' and a 'crazed lunatic'. The US president has been engaged in a back-and-forth with the women, following racist tweets he fired off suggesting they return to their countries, though […]
  • Canada: two teens thought missing named as suspects in double murder 23.07.2019
    Police name Kam McLeod and Bryer Schmegelsky as suspects in murder of Lucas Fowler and Chynna Deese in British ColumbiaTwo teenagers who were previously feared missing have been named as suspects in the double murder of Australian Lucas Fowler, 23, and US citizen Chynna Deese, 24, who were shot dead on a remote highway in […]
    Kat Eschner in Toronto