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  • Morning mail: Prince Andrew 'not cooperating', coronavirus crisis, Kyrgios defeat 27.01.2020
    Tuesday: US prosecutors say the royal has not responded to requests for an interview over Epstein case. Plus: Chinese officials meet to discuss coronavirus Good morning, this is Helen Sullivan bringing you the main stories and must-reads on Tuesday 28 January. Continue reading...
    Guardian Staff
  • 'Do not be indifferent': Auschwitz survivors call for world to stay vigilant 27.01.2020
    More than 200 survivors of Nazi death camp attend 75th anniversary commemorationSurvivors of Auschwitz, the Nazi death camp, have warned the world against indifference to hatred, at a ceremony to mark the 75th anniversary of its liberation by the Soviet army.More than 200 survivors of the camp were among more than 3,000 who gathered in […]
    Kate Connolly in Oświęcim
  • Heavy rains bring landslides and mass evacuations in Brazil 27.01.2020
    Storms have submerged entire neighborhoods and sent homes tumbling down hillsides, causing more than 30,000 to fleeMore than 30,000 people have been displaced by heavy rains in south-east Brazil that have killed 54 people and left 18 missing.The storms have caused floods and landslides, submerging entire neighborhoods and sending homes tumbling down hillsides in the […]
    Associated Press in Rio de Janeiro
  • Trump impeachment: president dismisses John Bolton's Ukraine claims as 'false' – live 27.01.2020
    Bolton claims in book Trump linked Ukraine aid to Biden inquiryImpeachment trial resumes with Trump’s defense’s opening argumentsHelp us cover the critical issues of 2020. Consider making a contribution 7.55pm GMT Trump’s lawyers have paused their opening arguments, and Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell has called for a 15-minute break.Supreme Court chief justice John Roberts […]
    Joan E Greve in Washington
  • 'Thou shalt not be indifferent': from Auschwitz's gate of hell, a last, desperate warning 27.01.2020
    Humanity will soon be without first-hand witnesses of the depths to which it can sink. Survivors at the memorial knew that They came to bear witness one last time. Exactly 75 years after the Red Army’s liberation of Auschwitz, those who had seen humanity’s descent into hell returned to speak of it while they still […]
    Jonathan Freedland in Auschwitz, Poland
  • US confirms jet crashed in Afghanistan – but disputes it was downed 27.01.2020
    Taliban claim they shot down US air force E-11A plane over territory near Ghazni cityThe US military has confirmed that one of its aircraft crashed in eastern Afghanistan but said there was “no indication the crash was caused by enemy fire”. A Taliban spokesman had claimed that the group shot the plane down over territory […]
    Michael Safi and Akhtar Mohammad Makoii
  • Key Republicans signal openness to Bolton testimony in impeachment trial 27.01.2020
    After the revelation that the ex-national security adviser’s book implicates Trump, senators Romney and Collins spoke outAfter a bombshell report about John Bolton’s forthcoming book, key Republican senators moved on Monday towards supporting testimony from the former national security adviser in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial.On Sunday night, the New York Times reported that the manuscript […]
    Daniel Strauss in Washington
  • 'Never forget': survivors of Holocaust mark 75th Auschwitz anniversary 27.01.2020
    Memorial event in Westminster one of thousands held across the United KingdomSurvivors of the Holocaust in the UK and a second world war veteran have warned that the lessons of the atrocities that took place are being forgotten, as they marked the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration and extermination camp.The national commemorative […]
    Aamna Mohdin
  • Coronavirus: 73 test negative in UK as China death toll hits 82 – live updates 27.01.2020
    World Health Organization chief travels to Beijing as more than 2,700 cases reported in China. Follow the latest news about the outbreak.Coronavirus: 100,000 may already be infected, experts warn100 Australian children stranded in Wuhan as coronavirus spreadsWhat is the coronavirus and how worried should we be?Share your stories 7.09pm GMT Here’s a summary of the […]
    Jedidajah Otte (now), Matthew Weaver and Alison Rourke (earlier)
  • Prince Andrew giving 'zero' cooperation to Epstein inquiry, say US prosecutors 27.01.2020
    US attorney for southern district of New York says so far Andrew has not responded to a request for an interviewPrince Andrew has provided “zero” cooperation with the Jeffrey Epstein sex trafficking inquiry, US prosecutors said on Monday, despite earlier promises to help investigations in any way possible.Speaking outside Epstein’s Manhattan mansion, Geoffrey Berman, US […]
    Owen Bowcott, Adam Gabbatt and Martin Pengelly
  • Bolton's book 'goes to the heart of charges against Trump' – video 27.01.2020
    Chuck Schumer has called for John Bolton to testify at Donald Trump's impeachment trial after claims in a book by the president's former national security adviser that Trump tied military aid to Ukraine with his demand to investigate political rival Joe Biden. The Senate minority leader said the revelations in Bolton's book were 'stunning' and […]
  • 'Devastating': America mourns Kobe Bryant after death in helicopter crash 27.01.2020
    Trump and Obama send condolences to Bryant familyDaughter Gianna, 13, among nine people killed in CaliforniaAmerica remains in shock over the death of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna in a helicopter crash on Sunday.It emerged on Monday that the helicopter received special clearance to fly in foggy conditions that had grounded police air operations. […]
    Tom Lutz in New York and Sam Levin in Los Angeles
  • Auschwitz survivors return after 75 years for memorial ceremony 27.01.2020
    Those returning to former Nazi death camp fear lessons of Holocaust are being forgotten‘I see it as a chance to finally say goodbye’: Auschwitz survivors tell their storiesMore than 200 survivors gathered at the former Nazi extermination camp of Auschwitz, many probably for the final time, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of its liberation.As rows […]
    Kate Connolly in Oświęcim
  • Boris Johnson hints at compromise over Huawei and 5G 27.01.2020
    PM says solution will allow technological progress but not jeopardise US relationshipBoris Johnson has suggested he will arrive at a compromise solution over the decision on whether to let the Chinese company Huawei build parts of the UK’s 5G network in the face of US warnings that it would compromise intelligence-sharing.During a university visit, the […]
    Rowena Mason and Dan Sabbagh
  • Labour defeat due to gimmicks and division, say members 27.01.2020
    Review led by Ed Miliband tasked with suggesting ways the party might find a path to powerGimmicky policies, horrible inefficiency and factional promotions are among the catalogue of errors behind Labour’s dismal performance at the general election, according to party members.The damning comments on Labour’s campaign forms part of an early release of views gathered […]
    Kate Proctor Political correspondent
  • Salvini's failure brings respite for embattled Italian government 27.01.2020
    Left’s win in Emilia-Romagna averts threat of snap elections but could prove a brief reprieve Matteo Salvini’s failure to overturn decades of leftwing rule in the northern Italian region of Emilia-Romagna will bring some respite to the embattled national government, staving off the risk of snap elections.The leader of the far-right League campaigned vigorously across […]
    Angela Giuffrida in Rome
  • China coronavirus: mayor of Wuhan admits mistakes 27.01.2020
    Zhou Xianwang says public information should have been released more quicklyChinese premier Li Keqiang visits Wuhan - latest updatesThe mayor of Wuhan, the Chinese city at the centre of the coronavirus outbreak, has acknowledged criticism over his handling of the crisis, admitting that information was not released quickly enough.Zhou Xianwang wore a mask for protection […]
    Rebecca Ratcliffe, and Michael Standaert in Sichuan
  • Iran passenger jet skids on to highway after running out of runway 27.01.2020
    Pilot unable to deploy landing gear on touchdown at Mahshahr airport, media reportA passenger plane skidded on to a highway after landing at an airport in south-west Iran, state media have reported.“It ran out of runway when landing at Mahshahr airport with no casualties,” the IRNA said. Continue reading...
  • Britons in EU urge Barnier not to use them as bargaining chips 27.01.2020
    Campaigners press negotiator to resolve their rights separately from trade talksBritish citizens in the EU have implored Brussels and London not to make them “a bargaining chip for the second time” in Brexit trade talks.They are deeply concerned that they are being “massively downgraded” and that they will be used by Brussels as leverage to […]
    Lisa O'Carroll Brexit correspondent
  • Varadkar: EU will have upper hand in Brexit trade talks – video 27.01.2020
    Leo Varadkar says the EU has a 'stronger team' than the UK in Brexit trade talks, comparing the size of their respective populations and markets. Speaking to the BBC before talks in Ireland with the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, the Irish prime minister also warned Boris Johnson that divergence from Brussels standards would make […]