Information to mediate your artworks




Artists who wish our mediation, for lending, sale, art commissions, theme exhibitions, please fill up the Artist Info-Request Form for Mediation.  Especially dont forget to mention where we can see you artworks such as on your own site,  facebook, linkedin and where we can see your curriculum.

Artist Info-Request Form for Mediation

-Fill in the form and save on your computer.
-Send then through your mail program to as an attachment

If we want to mediate your art you will receive by email:

1-Participation Agreements with the method and agreements on lending fees, sales percentages, inconsignatie procedure, tranport and insurance.

2-Participation Contract

3-Participation Contract-annex with list of participating artwork stating the title, size, technique, year and price.

If you wish to be mediated, return the complete filled and signed the participation contract and contract-annex with the list of participating artworks with of each participating artwork a photo of a minimum of 1000×1000 pixels.