Inner Reflection & MindRestyling!

                           ‘From mass communication to sustainable communication’

      “Silent Thunder”          “Het Gesprek”           “Media Reflections”            “Open Minds”

Silent Thunder     The sky is the limit     Open Minds

      Iman Ali Khaled             Trees de Boer               Leo Wijnhoven                Dominique Chan 

Self – reflection indispensable tool for the individual, company or society to test the feasibility of the principles and the methodology of the chosen target. And more relevant than ever, especially after the financial crisis in a world where through globalization economic, ecological, cultural, national, religious and individual interests and contradictions more than ever are condemned to each other ! Will the nearly-fatal crash of the global financial world, caused by self-interest / greed, bring the turning point / opportunity to make the necessary changes to Corporate Social Responsibility or sustainable living?

The four selected artists try to depict from their own perspective and involvement how with introspection and perseverance to the fear of change can be overcome.

Trees de Boer

In her quest for the essence of communicating Treese de Boer  tries in a series artworks about communication between people in the common room really to create the tension between proximity and real contact with a line pattern shape.

Leo Wijnhoven

‘Media Reflections’ Leo Wijnhoven, a confrontational mirror of mass media lies, pretending that learned roles of individuals from mass lead to personal identity and a sustainable society. The mass identity as an personal identity is, without her critical questions, the underlying cause of the current crisis

Dominique Chan

The seemingly naive everyday scenes ‘Open Minds’ of the French-Chinese artist Dominique Chan are colorful reflections of his personal life while traveling through new countries and cultures, representing how open minded impressions contribute to a more sustainable living together.

Iman Ali Khaled

The paintings of Iman Ali Khaled ‘Silent Thunders’ made after her run away from Iraq, are as mix of arabesque and contemporary Western art styles, a powerful and positive example of reflections of integrating the past in Irak and the dreams of her new changed life later in Netherlands.

 ‘InnerReflection & MindRestyling’ is one of the theme exhibitions, which connect to the timeliness with which we want to participate in the discussion to change to the new social reality. Sustainable modern art in the workplace also encourages participation in understanding and development for employes of a contemporary vision of sustainable living (produce, communicate and consume)

Art collections as communication tool for socially sustainable vision and policy