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  • Coronavirus live news: Japan prefectures to declare emergency; calls for ‘surge vaccinations’ in UK 14.05.2021
    Japan to declare state of emergency in three more prefectures; Greece launches tourism seasonCall for ‘surge vaccinations’ as UK cases of India variant doubleDelay in giving second jabs of Pfizer vaccine improves immunityAlmost half the Australians booked on India repatriation flight barred‘A great day’: Biden hails relaxed guidance for fully vaccinated Americans 8.48am BST Scotland […]
    Martin Belam (now); Martin Farrer and Helen Sullivan (earlier)
  • Australia live news: 70 people barred from first India repatriation flight; Morrison comments on Israel-Palestine conflict 14.05.2021
    Around 70 people due to be evacuated from New Dehli have either tested positive for Covid or are close contacts of cases; PM talks about ‘deeply sensitive’ Middle East situation. Follow the latest updatesMore than 70 out of 150 Australians in India unable to fly on first repatriation flightNSW MP Gareth Ward steps down as […]
    Mostafa Rachwani (now) and Josh Taylor, Matilda Boseley and Ben Doherty (earlier)
  • Israel launches fresh Gaza attacks amid rocket fire – updates 14.05.2021
    Latest news after IDF says ground forces have joined the attacks on Gaza Strip but have not entered the enclaveFull report: assault on Gaza escalatesIsraeli army says it has not entered the Gaza strip ‘All I saw was fire’: rockets fracture the sense of safety in Tel AvivGaza weapons boast may come back to haunt […]
    Bethan McKernan (now) and Helen Sullivan (earlier)
  • Cat lands unharmed after jump from fifth-floor of burning Chicago building – video 14.05.2021
    A cat in Chicago has survived after jumping out of a fifth-floor window to escape an apartment fire. Chicago fire department personnel were taking a video of the exterior of the building as firefighters were extinguishing the blaze when a black cat appeared through billowing smoke at a broken window. The feline briefly tested the side […]
  • Israel air and ground forces hit targets in Gaza Strip as death toll climbs 14.05.2021
    Military says ground forces are carrying out strikes on Gaza Strip – but are not operating inside territory – amid escalating crisisIsrael military says air and ground forces are attacking Gaza – live updatesIsrael’s military has said its ground and air forces are attacking targets in the Gaza Strip as residents reported a massive bombardment, […]
    Oliver Holmes in Jerusalem and Harriet Sherwood
  • Cyber Ninjas, UV lights and far-right funding: inside the strange Arizona 2020 election ‘audit’ 14.05.2021
    Election experts are watching the effort with alarm, saying officials are not using a reliable methodology – and fear it could be a model for Republicans to try elsewhereOne of the first things you see when you step outside Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum, the ageing arena in Phoenix, is the Crazy Times Carnival, a temporary […]
    Sam Levine in Phoenix, Arizona
  • ‘It’s impossible to take your eyes off this infinitely dear face’: the startling film about Stalin’s funeral 14.05.2021
    Crafted from footage locked for years in an archive, Sergei Loznitsa’s State Funeral focuses on the motivations of the mourners who lived under the brutal regime“At 21.50, due to cardiovascular and respiratory failure, Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin died,” intones an announcer. A woman takes off her hat, on the verge of tears. A handsome youth in […]
    Alex von Tunzelmann
  • Agoraphobic pregnant woman can be forced into hospital, UK judge rules 14.05.2021
    Judge rules medical staff can use minimum force on woman who has barely left home in four yearsMedics can use force to remove an agoraphobic pregnant woman from her home so she can give birth in hospital, a judge has ruled.Justice Holman concluded that it would be in the 21-year-old’s best interests to allow staff […]
    Press Association
  • ‘Hosnia had dreams’: grief in Kabul as girls’ school targeted 14.05.2021
    Hazara community in mourning but defiant after more than 60 people killed in school bomb blastsLatifa and Hosnia had been sharing a wooden bench in their classroom at Kabul’s Sayed Al-Shuhada school for the past three years.When Latifa transferred to Sayed Al-Shuhada, the two girls were immediately drawn to each other and became best friends, […]
    Stefanie Glinski in Kabul
  • Climate crisis is not a ‘partisan issue’, young Republican tells his own party 14.05.2021
    Peter Meijer, 33-year-old Michigan congressman, says Republicans are in midst of ‘generational shift’ – but progress is slowLies that hamburgers will be banned, conspiracy-laden claims of government tyranny, blame for environmental degradation foisted upon immigrants – the Republican response to Joe Biden’s climate agenda suggests the base instincts of Donald Trump still strongly animate the […]
    Oliver Milman
  • Oh yes! The best books about sex 14.05.2021
    From a guide to being an ‘ethical slut’ to Charlotte Roche’s disturbing Wetlands, historian Kate Lister picks the best books about the beauty, ugliness and joy of sexualityFrom sex history and modern erotica to self-help books and the art of penis origami, sex is a topic that spans every generation and culture in the world, […]
    Kate Lister
  • Cat jumps from fifth-floor of burning Chicago building, bounces once and runs away 14.05.2021
    Feline survives daring leap from office block in video captured by Chicago Fire Department A Chicago cat has survived after jumping out of a fifth-floor window to escape an apartment fire.Chicago Fire Department personnel were taking a video of the exterior of the building as firefighters were extinguishing the blaze when a black cat appeared […]
    Associated Press
  • ‘No roadmap’: New Zealand mulls reopening options after a year of closed borders 14.05.2021
    With international tourism frozen, families separated and expats feeling abandoned, the question of how to reopen is becoming pressingSee all our coronavirus coverageAs vaccination continues around the world, the New Zealand government has begun providing glimpses of how the country will eventually reopen its borders. But there’s no immediate end in sight, even for expats […]
    Tess McClure in Christchurch
  • ‘Bodies are being eaten by hyenas; girls of eight raped’ 14.05.2021
    A nun working in war-torn Tigray has shared her harrowing testimony of the atrocities taking placeThe Ethiopian nun, who has to remain anonymous for her own security, is working in Mekelle, Tigray’s capital, and surrounding areas, helping some of the tens of thousands of people displaced by the fighting who have been streaming into camps […]
    Tracy McVeigh
  • Rape is being used as weapon of war in Ethiopia, say witnesses 14.05.2021
    Ethiopian nun speaks of widespread horror she and colleagues are seeing on a daily basis inside the heavily isolated region of Tigray‘Bodies are left to be eaten by hyenas; girls as young as eight are being raped’Thousands of women and girls are being targeted by the deliberate tactic of using rape as a weapon in […]
    Tracy McVeigh
  • Europe’s Jupiter spacecraft enters crucial testing phase 14.05.2021
    Critical sequence of tests begins in space simulator to prepare Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer for its journey to the great gas giantThe European Space Agency’s Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer (Juice) has begun a critical sequence of tests to make sure it can function correctly in the hostile conditions of outer space.Having been assembled by Airbus […]
    Stuart Clark
  • Pedro Almodóvar and Tilda Swinton: ‘I love the idea of the woman on the edge of the abyss’ 14.05.2021
    The director and actor have finally achieved ‘a far-fetched dream’ by working together on his first film in English, The Human Voice. They talk about their mutual admiration, filming in lockdown – and how falling in love can destroy your sense of humour For more than 30 years, the film-maker Pedro Almodóvar has had a […]
    Ryan Gilbey
  • Global shortage of computer chips could last two years, says IBM boss 14.05.2021
    Tech industry struggles to keep up with demand brought on by the reopening of the world economyThe shortage of computer chips plaguing industries around the world and helping to fuel inflation could last another two years, the boss of IBM has said.With the global car industry estimated to lose $110bn this year thanks to the […]
    Martin Farrer
  • Samoa is experiencing a bloodless coup. The Pacific’s most stable democracy is in trouble | Fiona Ey 14.05.2021
    The government’s actions after last month’s elections call democracy into question and set a dangerous precedent for developing nationsSamoa has long been touted as a beacon of democracy and political stability in the Pacific, a region troubled by military coups and civil strife. The prime minister, Tuilaepa Sailele Malielegaoi, is the world’s second longest serving […]
    Fiona Ey
  • Would you pay £99,000 for this self-lacing Nike? Sneakers Unboxed review 13.05.2021
    Design Museum, LondonFrom battered Vans to box-fresh Adidas, how did sneakers become an $80bn-a-year global industry? This fun show has all the answers – including how to get really fat laces‘It was all about being the freshest,” says Koe Rodriguez, toothbrush in hand. “That’s how you pulled honeys, how you got respect from the hard […]
    Oliver Wainwright