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  • Tesco chicken supplier should pay to clean up River Wye, says charity 03.02.2023
    Campaigners urge leading poultry producer Avara Foods to fund reparations for pollution from its chicken farm suppliersAvara Foods, a leading supplier of chicken to Tesco, is being urged by campaigners to pay reparations to help clean up the River Wye.The Wye, a river running from mid-Wales to the Severn estuary, has been affected by increasing […]
    Nicola Cutcher and Tom Levitt
  • Australia to allow prescription of MDMA and psilocybin for treatment-resistant mental illnesses 03.02.2023
    From July, authorised psychiatrists will be able to prescribe the drugs for post-traumatic stress disorder and severe depressionGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastAfter decades of “demonisation”, psychiatrists will be able to prescribe MDMA and psilocybin in Australia from July this year.The Therapeutic Goods Administration made the surprise announcement […]
    Tory Shepherd
  • Australian TikTok creators could dump app after month-long test removed sound from videos 03.02.2023
    ‘It makes you feel like it’s a platform that doesn’t value us as much as it should,’ says one frustrated creator and others say it may be the ‘final straw’Follow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastA month-long test by social […]
    Matilda Boseley
  • Russia-Ukraine war live: Zelenskiy pushes for 10th sanctions package from EU leaders meeting in Kyiv 03.02.2023
    Second day of talks as Ukrainian president says pace of sanctions has slowedRussia-Ukraine war at a glanceHere are two images that have been sent over the news wires from Karamatorsk, showing search and rescue operations taking place yesterday. Three people died, eight people were hospitalised with injuries, including two who are in serious condition, after […]
    Martin Belam (now) and Helen Sullivan (earlier)
  • Coles and Woolworths ordered to dump more than 5,200 tonnes of soft plastic into landfill – as it happened 03.02.2023
    This blog is now closed. Follow our next Australia news live blog here when it launchesExclusive: Albanese says voice referendum will go ahead even if political dissent presents risk of failureGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastThe government has been accused of deliberately withholding detail on its push to […]
    Jordyn Beazley (now) and Natasha May (earlier)
  • Coles and Woolworths ordered to dump more than 5,200 tonnes of recycled soft plastic in landfill 03.02.2023
    NSW environment officials alert Fire and Rescue over concerns plastic is being stored dangerously following suspension of the REDcycle schemeFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastSupermarket giants Coles and Woolworths have been ordered to dump more than 5,200 tonnes of […]
    Henry Belot
  • Why prosecutors might get Trump – and not Biden – for classified documents 03.02.2023
    Trump’s situation is more perilous because of his reluctance to cooperate and his suspected obstruction of justiceDonald Trump’s retention of classified-marked documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort is distinguished in the eyes of the justice department from that of Joe Biden or Mike Pence as a result of one particularly crucial difference: suspected obstruction of justice.Legal […]
    Hugo Lowell in Washington
  • Descendants of Namibia’s genocide victims call on Germany to ‘stop hiding’ 03.02.2023
    Herero and Nama people demand direct talks and take Namibian government to court for accepting reparations on their behalf for 1904-1908 killingsDescendants of victims of genocide in Namibia have called on Germany to “stop hiding” and discuss reparations with them directly, as they take their own government to court for making a deal without their […]
    Kaamil Ahmed
  • John Barilaro’s assault charge dismissed by NSW magistrate on mental health grounds 03.02.2023
    Former deputy premier had pleaded not guilty to assaulting a camera operator in Manly last JulyFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastA magistrate has dismissed an assault charge against former New South Wales deputy premier John Barilaro on mental health […]
    Australian Associated Press
  • Wave of ‘sushi terrorism’ grips Japan’s restaurant world 03.02.2023
    Signature cuisine is at the centre of a police investigation after customers at revolving sushi restaurants posted video clips of themselves meddling with dishesThere are breaches of etiquette – drenching your rice in soy sauce, for one – and then there are heinous acts of “sushi terrorism”.Japan’s signature cuisine is at the centre of a […]
    Justin McCurry in Tokyo and agencies
  • Griff Rhys Jones rails against plans to ‘smother’ Liverpool Street station 03.02.2023
    Comedian leads coalition against ‘exploitative’ proposal for 16-storey buildings over listed stationGriff Rhys Jones is leading a coalition of conservationists against what he describes as plans to “smother” Liverpool Street station under 109 metres (350ft) of new offices, shops and a hotel.The comedian, writer and broadcaster has been appointed president of the revived Liverpool Street […]
    Matthew Weaver
  • Councils say they lack funds to enforce stricter limits on wood burners 03.02.2023
    Local authorities say policing government’s new standards on smoke pollution is beyond their meansLocal authorities lack the resources for the crackdown on highly polluting wood burners promised by the environment secretary, Thérèse Coffey, they say.Wood-burning in urban areas is an increasing source of harmful air pollution, as people install stoves for aesthetic reasons or to […]
    Fiona Harvey and Helena Horton
  • Tory bankbenchers plan to put pressure on Hunt to cut childcare costs 03.02.2023
    Exclusive: Group led by Siobhan Baillie want chancellor to use budget to relax rules and eliminate business rates for nurseries A handful of influential Tory backbenchers have created an informal pressure group to push the chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, to cut the costs of childcare at next month’s budget, as experts say the sector is in […]
    Kiran Stacey Political correspondent
  • Alf Dubs decries Suella Braverman’s likening of refugees to invaders 03.02.2023
    Labour peer who fled to UK to escape Nazis says home secretary’s words ‘deeply and personally upsetting’ Alf Dubs, the veteran Labour peer who arrived in the UK as a child fleeing the Nazis, has described Suella Braveman’s likening of refugees to invaders as “deeply and personally upsetting”, and a low point of his half […]
    Peter Walker Political correspondent
  • More than 500,000 people in UK ‘will be diagnosed with cancer each year by 2040’ 03.02.2023
    Cancer Research UK report says NHS risks being overwhelmed by cancer diagnosesMore than 500,000 people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer every year by 2040, according to analysis by Cancer Research UK.In its report published on Friday, researchers project that if current trends continue, cancer cases will rise by one-third from 384,000 a […]
    Anna Bawden
  • Virtual aid trip and a policy quiz: the European Commission tourist experience 03.02.2023
    Brussels exhibition is latest EU effort to appeal to the public by seeking to explain its workThere is a virtual reality plane trip, a quiz, a presentation from the world’s “most powerful woman”, and a souvenir photo: it is all part of the offer at one of the latest tourist attractions to arrive in Brussels […]
    Jennifer Rankin in Brussels
  • EU leaders to dampen Ukraine’s hopes of fast-track EU membership 03.02.2023
    EU leaders will try to temper Kyiv’s expectations while avoiding negative public statements that could weaken moraleEU leaders will seek to cool Ukraine’s expectations of a fast track to membership at a summit with Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Friday, as the bloc spars over how much encouragement to give its war-torn neighbour.The president of the European […]
    Jennifer Rankin in Brussels
  • Italian anarchist’s hunger strike rekindles debate over harsh prison regime 03.02.2023
    Alfredo Cospito has lost 45kg during protest over solitary confinement and says he ‘just wants to live’An Italian anarchist on hunger strike over a harsh prison regime usually reserved for mafia bosses has said he “just wants to live”, as his supporters reportedly threatened a serious attack in connection to his case.Alfredo Cospito has lost […]
    Angela Giuffrida in Rome
  • NSW Greens propose to make public transport free – and pet-friendly 03.02.2023
    Party’s policies include allowing pets on all buses, trains and ferries, and fast-tracking accessibility upgradesFollow our Australia news live blog for the latest updatesGet our morning and afternoon news emails, free app or daily news podcastAll forms of public transport should be free, transport services should be put back into public hands and pets should […]
    Australian Associated Press
  • Italian mob suspect Edgardo Greco found working as pizza chef after 16 years on run 03.02.2023
    Greco is wanted for murder of two brothers beaten to death in Calabria fish shop as part of ‘mafia war’, Interpol saysA convicted Italian killer, believed to belong to one of the country’s most powerful mafia organisations, has been discovered working as a pizza chef and arrested after 16 years on the run.Edgardo Greco, 63, […]
    Guardian staff and agencies