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News Items and Social Durable ArtWorks

In this column we want to connect a link between social durable or social undurable news items and a artwork from an artist , which works from the idea of consiousness, that is simular to the idea of the newsitem and our idea of modern art as social durable communication


Leo Wijnhoven-Olieverfschilderij-ZT                       De Wereld is bezorgd over Europa    



 Social Durable News

In this part we share with you social durable news of different news sources                                                                                          For this period we choosed for ‘CSR Archive’ 

CSR Archive


An unmatched research resource, the CSR News Archive is a comprehensive, searchable repository of the press releasesreportsevent and book announcements that have been issued by Members through CSRwire. Visitors can browse by date or use our Search Page to search for corporate social responsibility and sustainability news by organization name or keywords.