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Laughter is our universal language, rising above cultural and political polarities. Everyone, from whatever culture, can exchange a laugh. It’s our common language, the shortest way to each other. No physical borders, no social barriers.

Laughter shows humans at their best, united in body and mind, connected to each other.

The fast and light ‘bits & bites’ of  new media and internet form an excellent platform to create art works about the explosive, luminous nature of






Our vision

MasterPeace wants to inspire everyone to use his or her talent and energy for building peace and togetherness. This will lead to a more sustainable world with less armed conflict. 

Our mission

Our vision, mission and guidelines for all our activities are reflected in what we call our Passion Statement: “We are dedicated to put, Music above fighting, Dialogue above judgment, Bread above bombs and Creation above Destruction. That’s MasterPeace.


Open house at Dominique Chan




Looking for the origin, no better way to understand and enjoy art than to visit the place where the work is made up, and get to know the maker himself. 

The artist Dominique Chan, creator of expressionist, cheerful paintings and sculptures where the colors from splatter holds open house at: every second Sunday of the month from 17: 30 to 19.00.

Address: Bonnefantenstraat 58, 1064 PN Amsterdam you are welcome!


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