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This crisis is a symbol of the ethical decline, unsustainable act and failure of our Western social, financial-economic and political model! A model  that had to give price it’s dominant position for the first time, since the colonial world order obtained by the power of the free market.

In the end, the Western financial model almost imploded in 2008 by itself, due to the neo-liberal deregulation of the financing of the  ‘mass communication  & mass comsumption’ model from the eighties of the last century.

Vraag en aanbod The sky is the limit         I want it all and now
‘Vraag en aanbod’ ‘Sky is the limit’         ‘I want it all and now’

Mortgage crisis, banking crisis, debt crisis and as a result euro countries crisis led in fast pace to a crisis in the European political decision-making and the European currency.  Instead of adequate social sustainable financial policy and vision, the shopping  voters  had to content themselves  with a populist approach of fighting national and European politicians.

Financiel Market 1 

Our “Leaders”


Europe still struggles. The European problems are no longer a  isolated, technical and economic issue – something with debt and the currency. No, the crisis goes much deeper. It is a crisis of political leadership. Europe is hopelessly trapped in arguing about existential questions as: how far should the integration go, what do we do with the nation state, which one of us gets the power? Soon  the fundamental question will be what the sustained cuts, wich the Europan countries impose on each other,  will mean for the required growt rates (in the past based on cheap money)  to maintain our prosperity.
The necessity to reduce the debt, the large cuts and stagnant growth are also at odds with the necessary growth in order to remain competitive with the rapidly emerging economies of the non-Western BRIC countries.

Economische orde

Changing Power

Brazil, Russia, India and China but also Indonesia, Mexico and Turkey determine, during  their own meetings, more and more the global agenda of all geopolitical themes: from climate change and food security to the fight against terrorism and trade policy. Now hundreds of millions of people from the former third world, have moved up to the middle class, these emerging countries can gain from each other. They have become independant growth engines, who develop independant from the West. That is a crucial difference with the old dependency relationship between poor countries and their former colonizers and also with the times that acces to the European and American markets was essential but inaccessible.

To be ot not to be

To be or not’

Our Vision:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MyiZD4Q3Mdk

(Our crise a conflicting, misleading theorie/behaviour of politicians, entrepeneurs and world-wide consumers and lacks any durable vision)

With the exhibition ‘ Inner Reflection ‘ from the beginning of 2008, we try to contribute to the discussion on the need for communication on the social sustainability of our society.

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